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Cultivate high-quality products that create jobs, provide access to resources, and build self-sufficient communities from within. 


In cultivating a better world, one product at a time, our hope is that in providing underserved communities with access to stronger opportunities, we empower them to reclaim their roots, from soil to soul. 


Eye 2 Eye was established to empower the left out and the looked over with the access, resources, and opportunities needed to look eye to eye with society's more fortuned. 

Eye 2 Eye was founded on the basis of building sustainable models to equip and empower Black Communities with the tools needed to reclaim their global space. Through establishing ownership over our entire supply chain, we seek to economically rebuild self-sufficient communities domestically and abraod.  

Globally, Black Communities are some of the top consumers of a variety of products yet only represent marginal proportions of the population. Our business model aims to help understand which products are being disproportionately consumed, build ownership around that product, and erect facilities and training programs in some of the most disenfranchised communities. 

Our soil to soul empowerment process means utilizing product born from the richness of the African earth to disrupt the norm of cultural exploitation and instead, work to maximize access to opportunities from within.

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