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Split ends, brittle hair, dry scalp and hair loss are hair-travesties we can experience during the season change, and each takes time to recover. Summer is the time for hair hydration. High temperatures and sun damage is what we need to watch out for this season!

Many products claim to repair hair and add shine, but a lot of those products contain harsh chemicals that continue to damage our hair. In our experience, the most natural and sure for healthier, longer hair is to use these three essential oils.

  1. Coconut Oil: softening, hydrating, and strengthening - it is great for hair breakage and sealing your strands.

  2. Jojoba Oil: moisturizes the hair and provides essential nutrients for growth and strength.

  3. Moringa Oil: deeply nourishing the hair, it also conditions the scalp, and strengthens the hair follicles - helping with healthy hair growth.

Before you get tricked out of spending money on hair growth products, remember natural products are always best.

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